Stay In The Fight

If you know me well (or if you follow me on social media), you probably know that I am an avid sports fan. I grew up a Washington Redskins fan (believe it or not) and have baby pictures to prove it! Those of you who are sports fans like me are well aware of the “Washington D.C. Sports Teams Curse.” Over the past thirty years, Washington teams have suffered through infuriating losses and when it comes to winning big games or advancing in the playoffs, they just haven’t made the cut. On Monday night at Nats Park, it was different. The “Washington D.C. Sports Curse” may in fact finally be over!

I had the opportunity to attend the Wild Card Playoff game last week with my mother, sister and uncle. On Monday night, I watched from home as Max Scherzer pitched the game of his life, Ryan Zimmerman hit a 3-run homer and the Washington Nationals beat the L.A. Dodgers 6 to 1. It all comes down to Game #5 in Los Angeles tonight……

At the Wild Card game, Washington Nationals sports fans held up signs that said, “Stay in the Fight.” If there is one word that I would use to describe the Nationals this year, that word would be RESILIENT. This year there is no Bryce Harper, no Jayson Werth, no Ian Desmond nor Jordan Zimmermann on the team. Back in May, the Nationals were on track to finish last in their division. But you know what? They never gave up. The Nationals have won games in the bottom of the ninth inning because they chose to “Stay in the Fight” – no matter what!

Now you might be thinking, why in the world is The Co-Founder of The Recovery Connection writing a blog about a Washington based sports team! Here’s why. We can all learn something from this Washington sports team. Every day, we have a choice to “Stay in the Fight.” A life in recovery is far from easy and the real deal is, not doing drugs is perhaps the easy part. The hard part is sitting with feelings, being responsible, paying bills, facing adversity and rebuilding a life from nothing. That is where the real work is and this requires resiliency. Life is going to throw us some curveballs. Many of us have endured addiction, trauma, and mental illness, but we are still here. Personally, I try to make a conscious decision every day to “Stay in the Fight” – no matter what comes my way. Game #5 for the Nationals is tonight, and I will be cheering hard for a team that has reminded me how important it is to remain resilient.

Let’s Go Nats!

Written by Meredith Speir , Co-Founder & COO of The Recovery Connection