Turning Ideas into Reality

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

How did The Recovery Connection come to fruition? The beginning of our journey started years ago, although we didn’t realize it. As individuals in long-term recovery, we have been immersed in the field in some form or fashion along the way. Meredith and I built our own personal foundations in recovery, and we have been involved in the recovery community throughout the last decade. We have both experienced personally and witnessed amongst others hope, change and beauty surrounding recovery from the disease of addiction. In that same breath, we have also personally experienced and witnessed amongst others pain, darkness and tragedy. Despite it all, what we didn’t realize over the years was that we were collecting a base knowledge and understanding of what seems to work and what doesn’t.

In January of 2018, Meredith called me with extreme frustration as she was desperately trying to find help for a loved one. She had spent hours upon hours calling treatment centers, crisis lines and hotlines up and down the east coast with little to no guidance or support. As decade long friends, we were aware of one another’s personal struggles with loved ones dear to us and their battles with addiction and mental health. Our passions for the field were evident, and we came to the conclusion that we have the capacity to contribute by developing a program that could truly change lives. After several months of networking and researching, our program opened on September 1st.

As addicts in recovery, we recognize the dire need for those struggling to climb out of isolation and establish true connections with others. Our motivation is to deliver quality services that support individuals in learning how to lead successful lives after putting down the drugs and alcohol. In witnessing several gaps in our systems, we are driven to help sustain an individual’s life in recovery by providing higher levels of monitoring and structure as well as ensuring safety amongst our residents. We believe in an approach that is person-centered and strength-based in nature. As peers, we understand. We have been there. And we are here to help.

Written by: Julie Funkhouser, Co-Founder & CEO of The Recovery Connection