"Recovery Connection is built by love and compassion. They will walk with you on your journey and help to lighten the load."

- Ann B.

September 12, 2018- Recommends TRC

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"I wish the recovery connection existed when I was living in Winchester and was struggling with heroin dependency. Not only do they accept all pathways of recovery but they are the ONLY supportive housing program in the area that accepts residents who are prescribed life-saving medicines (buprenorphine and methadone) in addition to providing overdose prevention education (naloxone kits). Other recovery housing should follow in the recovery connection's lead if we want to significantly reduce opioid overdose deaths."

- Bethany M.

November 27, 2018- Recommends TRC

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"As a Pastor, and recovering addict myself, I can honesty say that I am thoroughly impressed with The Recovey Connection and the work that this organization does within the recovery community. If you are looking for safe place for you or a loved one who is in bondage to drugs or alcohol, look no further! Meredith and Julie are the best! "

-Bradley H.

February 2019 - 5 Stars

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"This is where my path to recovery started. The women there were amazing and went above and beyond to make me comfortable. The structure and curriculum were the tools I was able to take with me and still use today. They model what recovery should look like in an amazing house with amazing people!"


May 2019 - 5 Stars

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"I wouldn't be where I am at this very moment without THE RECOVERY CONNECTION. Meredith Speir & Julie Funkhouser have a program that not only deals with addiction issues, but helps the individual deal with life on life term problems. By ficlitating weekly groups , house meetings, individual progress meetings, outside individual therapy or groups if recommended, Gym memberships are offered, we volunteer as well to give back to our community. Most importantly, we attend & partipate I up to 5 NA/AA meetings a week. They are very hands on...the best program in Winchester! It saved my life! I highly recommend it to you if you are reading this now! "

-Charmaine L.

June 2019 - 5 Stars

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"very caring people, great place"

- Cheryl W.

September 3, 2019- Recommends TRC

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"The Recovery Connection has not only saved my life but has helped change my life! This place is full of so many positive things! I am so blessed honored & lucky to be apart of this home and able to call these women my "family" (the family that stands beside me, one i never had) I would be lost without them! ❤"

- Courtney T.

October 25, 2018- Recommends TRC

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"The Recovery Connection is where I started my path to recovery! My experience was beyond amazing! They model exactly what the path of recovery should look like and help you with specific steps to get there."

- Erica B.

April 26, 2019- Recommends TRC

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"I am so proud to not only call TRC my home, but the women here have become my FAMILY as well. I love you all so much, to the very depths of my soul. Julie and Meredith are the most compassionate and empathetic women EVER, and without them and this AMAZINGLY beautiful home and my sober sisters, I wouldn't have been able to get through my recovery journey thus far. 70 days clean today! Keep on keepin' on, JUST FOR TODAY. ❤ "

- Krystle E.

November 21, 2018- Recommends TRC

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"I have received the greatest blessing over the past few months at TRC. I love the program because the staff meets each person where they are at. Also, the program focuses on making connections with other people and communicating with others. I now believe these are vital to having a strong recovery. The relationships I have made with the staff and founders is unbelievable to me and has made a huge impact on my life; they’re my role models. Getting the chance to go to TRC has been the greatest gift I have received. After a little over three months the house has prepared me to go to the next phase of my recovery process with a strong foundation. Thank you TRC!!"

-Tiffany S.

May 2019 - 5 Stars

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